Long Distance Development

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Labour costs are high, therefore one seeks always staff whose skills and knowledge fit very well with the assignment to execute. Because of the choice of programming languages, platforms and tools this becomes a difficult case. Training is expensive and time consuming. Hower if you work with lower labor costs you can give people time to gain the required skills and knowledge.

  • Flexible working, you can allways stop (weekly or per milestone)
  • No time consuming selection process. Only the result has to be judged.
  • At the start of the assignment:
    • You can have a first functional analysis for free.
    • 40 hours at 5 euro per hour.
    • 40 hours at 10 euro per hour.
    • 40 hours at 15 euro per hour.
    • after at 20 euro or fixed price per milestone.
    So you can get an impression of the deliverd quality and to give the executors the opportunity to familiarize with the assignment or to gain the necessary knowledge.
For more information contact info@lddevelop.com